Three Main Game Modes In Dofus Touch

Dofus Touch features two main game modes. The first one is PvP in which players can fight duels among themselves, while the other, PvE, lets them cooperatively defeat computer-controlled opponents.


Definitions of the different game modes:

The PVM Solo / Multi: The PVM (Player versus Monsters) is the most intuitive game mode: it is only to fight the monsters of DOFUS Touch, from simple piou (lvl 1) to Count Harebourg (lvl 200 ). Although most of the dungeons and THL (Very High Level) areas of the game require multiple players to play, it is possible to fend for themselves in the game and progress without the direct help of other players.

The PVP Multi AvA / Kolizeum: The PVP (Players Versus Players) is a game mode that allows to compete between players. It takes place mainly during AvA (Alliance versus Alliance) where the goal is to control an area with its Alliance to enjoy bonuses xp (experience), drop (resources obtained by fighting monsters) or even bonuses specific to the zone . The second solution to make PVP is the Kolizeum. In this one will confront 2 teams of 3 players (chosen randomly or not) in battles to death that brings xp and kolizetons (tokens allowing the purchase of objects in play) as well as to mount in Ladder Kolizeum of server.

The PVP Solo Brakmar vs Bonta: The PVP (Player versus Player) solo is a mode of play that tends to disappear simply because the one if does not bring rewards other than the wings of the cities (Brakmar> Demon and Bonta> Angel) More and more in order to be able to paradise in front of the other players. However this mode of play requires a great knowledge of the game and remains fun to play.

Which mode do you like more? Choose one and enjoy the game.